Ever since the slate articles (there are 4 pieces) came out last week, I've been fascinated by how some people act as if they'd already seen the movie and criticized its point of view. If interested, check out the following places:

Reader Discussion Forum for Slate

IMDB Message Board for EXPATS

The Marmot's Hole

Hey, the film hasn't even been made. I guess an active interest (whether it's negative or positive) is a good thing. Interestingly there's an article in the New York Times today titled "
Negative Publicity Is the New Hot Hype."

But then you shouldn't even believe any hype when you haven't even made the movie yet. I shouldn't even think about how people are going to react to the movie.
I should concentrate on making it. I'm sure some critics of my previous movies may disagree but I do believe in my ability to tell an exciting story.

A bit of good news. We just formed the production company for EXPATS. It's a big step forward. More than anything else, it means "commitment" from other people involved in the project.

I'm going to LA this Wednesday. 2 weeks in LA and NY. I hope to have some news from the actor we made an offer to.


Anonymous said…
that sounds so exciting!!
A production company!! woooooow :D
I'm so happy for yee.

About the EXPATS stuff it's like the portuguese saying "falem bem, falem mal... mas falem!" (means "talk good, talk bad... just talk!") it'llonlybring more publicity xD and publicity means interested people. ;p

AHAH LOL yeah I found you on the IMDB boards months ago xD

Hey I'm adding something about EXPATS to Jared's site too :)

Good luck! *crosses fingers*

Minerva Ashord

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