While I've been busy with movies I'm producing and movies I'm going to direct, Korea has been consumed with an ultimate trash movie called D-WAR (or DRAGON WARS as will be known in the States). It's making big bucks and it's becoming the talk of the town but ultimately it's a B movie with some impressive visual effects and some bad acting and a really bad script.

Don't know how this became the must-see movie. Good marketing? Korean pride?

What's upsetting is, the hard-core supporters of the movie is trashing the rest of the Korean film industry which produced some wonderful movies such as OLDBOY and MEMORIES OF A MURDER. Very sad. After all, it's just a movie.


Jack+ said…
Hi Mr.Chin. My name is Jack. I watched 'Too Tired to Die' when I was 17, I'm 24 now. But your movie had a big impact on my life. It changed me. And I am grateful.
Anonymous said…
Wonsuk, i havent seen any of your
movies! what a shame(-:, we used to be best friends in NY back in the 90s...
then i retired from the wor(l)d
as a good taoist has to do (-:
now in la, my email is
write me a note if you ever get
this email
an old friend
Anonymous said…
uhm reading your blog, you seem to have enjoy the ride all along, including an (ex)girl friend whih was too hot (-:, i see you come around la from time to time, and people like your movies, a nice 'virtual re-encounter',
take care
Wonsuk Chin said…

Thanks for such flattering words. I'm glad my film made a difference for you. For that reason, I guess we continue making movies.

Thanks again.
Wonsuk Chin said…

What a pleasant surprise! I'll e-mail you with my contact info.


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