(With Jaesup Hwang, JH's manager right after the press conference)

I'm back in Korea. I miss Singapore already. I miss the magic that's called filmmaking.

I only stayed for the first two days of shooting and they went smoothly. The director is very happy with Jang Hyuk. He should be. I think JH is happy to be filming there. A lot of stuff the first week was JH and Jascon Scott Lee and their confrontation. The report from the set (Julie Kim from my company is there to assist JH as a dialog coach) is that the footage looks stunning and everyone feels something special is in the making. I'm supposed to see some footage this week. I just can't wait.

Today a child actor named Jin-gu Yeo (SAD MOVIE), his mother and his screen mother Young Mi Lee just left for Singapore. Jin-gu will play the young Tay (or Taesan). He's so cute. Even though he was shy, he couldn't hide his excitement to go overseas to make a movie. With a foreign crew. Must be nervous, too. But I know he'll do a great job. I asked JH to treat him like a little brother. Hey, after all, he plays the younger version of him.


Ursulapong said…
Annyonghaseyo Wonsuk Chin-shi. Jang Hyuk is a talented actor. I have watched his latest Korean drama "Komatshimnida". He is excellent in that drama. In fact, I feel his skills is better than before (after missing him for 2 years) Thanks for recommending him.

I am glad you enjoyed your stay here. A belated warm welcome greetings to you.

Singapore is working very hard in its movie industry, hopefully there will be more talented writer/producer like you to give us a helping hand.

I hope to catch some of your works. But I don't know where I can get a copy of your works but I will try.

Cheers....hope to see you again in Singapore.

A Die Hard Movie Goer.

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