Can you believe iPhone isn't still available in Korea? I'm not talking about North Korea. In such a tech savvy and advanced country as South Korea, iPhone has been this urban legend for 2 years now. Well, that may change tonight when Apple hosts its annual WWDC where they announced different versions of iPhone as they will probably introduce a new iPhone.

And they'd better announce Korea is being added. Although I own an iPhone, it's for the U.S. and I hardly use it when I'm in Korea (where I spend most of the time these days). It would be cool to own two iPhones like a two-fisted gunman. Haha.


klavier said…
Do you actually really need iPhone in Korea? I thought Korea has already enough (as in a lot) variety of mobile phones.. rite?
Wonsuk Chin said…
Phones are plenty but Korea lacks smartphones. iPhone actually changes the communication culture.

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