Bottom of the 9th inning. 2 Outs. The bases are loaded. And your best hitter is at the plate. In a movie, he would hit a grand slam but the crowd goes delirious. I guess life ain't a movie.

So New York Mets ended their season. Heartbreaker but life goes on, it seems.

Now I need to regroup and focus on making my movie.

I just returned from Pusan where the film festival was taking place last weekend. What did I accomplish? First, I saw BORAT. Man, it's exactly what I expected and more. The movie was flat out uproarious. I can't believe it was showing here where practically no one knows about him. See, the movie was sold out because it was a midnight screening (people buy tickets for midnight movies regardless of what's playing). I totally lucked out because someone from Fox realized I was a huge fan (not because I was a filmmaker, which they didn't know anyway) and gave me a ticket. I'm definitely seeing it again when it comes out (I'll be in the States in early November so I want to see it with the Borat-crazed fans the first day of the release).

Anyhow, other than BORAT, I didn't see any other films. I was mainly down there to schmooze with other filmmakers and meet with the Arclight Films people. I guess I didn't mention the name before. Arclight, the company known for LORD OF WAR and BOBBY (which comes out this winter), is interested in co-financing EXPATS. So it was good to meet them again and talk about how to proceed with the project.

Tonight, I am going to the party for Jay Z. Yes, he's in town and is having a concert tonight. Should be a very exclusive one and I'm curious what kind of Korean celebs will show up. BTW, I hear Beyonce is also going to be there. Should be fun regardless.


Anonymous said…
Oh wow Jay Z... if Beyonce is there go up to her and say: " I am Foxxy Cleopatra and Imma whole lotta woman!" xD
btw dont you want to take me to the party? xD
Those are great news!!! O_O
So when do you think EXPATS will start rollin?

Minerva Ashford

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