Tomorrow I'm heading down to Pusan where arguably the biggest and most important film festival in Asia is taking place.

It always feels awkward to go to a film festival without your own film. It's like worrying about other people wondering, "what is he doing here? Shouldn't he focusing on making his movie?" Well, I'm just trying to make my movie. That's why I'm going to Pusan. Trying to meet the important people (i.e. money people) and plug my project. It just ain't easy.

At least this year I have a very firm agenda. The head of the company (see the July 29, 2006 posting) that showed interest in co-financing my movie (it will remain nameless until we have a more concrete agreement in place) will be in Pusan. As the festival becomes more international, it's become essential to show up and catch up with players from around the world.

But most importantly, casting will determine everything. So I am awaiting that phone call from my casting director.


Anonymous said…
*totally prays to see Jared in the list*
*becomes catholic* xD

Well I wish you the best of luck and that all goes well so you can do your thing :D

Ah what the hell, Who cares about what other people say. You have all the right to go to the festivals you want. You're a director!

Minerva Ashford
Wonsuk Chin said…
Thanks. You're the best! :)

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