Recovering mode

Not from drinking or excessive exercise but the intensive schedule at Puchon Int'l Fantastic Film Festival. We had 25 meetings in 3 days. I wish it were for my project. :) Glad I was repping a very worthy project. Looks like I'm getting involved in it as some kind of a producer.

Oh, good news! The project, which is called The Arsonists, won two awards at NAFF. Very exciting and rewarding.

Now back to my life. My projects. Momentum is important.

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hello mr.wonsuk chin..i'm one of your follower on twitter..i just want to ask you a any chance..did u know a malaysian filmmaker yasmin ahmad?
Wonsuk Chin said…
Cool. Thanks for following me. :)

No, I don't know the filmmaker. Should I take a notice? What film has she done?
i see..hhmm..i guess she not quite popular in korea..she actually had pass away last month..i'm really like her film..if u got any chance..please search this film.."SEPET,MUKHSIN,GUBRA,MUALLAF,RABUN"..i would say...she is the best filmmaker in malaysia..her film MUKHSIN got many achievement in international level..let me know if have been watch her english not so good^^..thanks for the feedback
Wonsuk Chin said…
Not sure how I can watch her films in Korea but will keep them in mind. Thanks for the info.
i see..i guess you can search them on youtube..hope to hear from you soon..have a nice day^^

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