Wonsuk's life circa July 2009

These days, I'm hardly living the life of a film director. If you ask me when my directorial work will come out, you might want to take a long nap and ask me again a year from now.

Actually, it's not true. I worked hard on a few projects but haven't been lucky. A low budget horror movie I was considering directing this summer fell through because the writer of the project gave me and a producer a hard time. It was a good material but his anxiety an aggressiveness rubbed us the wrong way. The producer and I have decided it wasn't worth all the trouble. I was really hoping to do this film so I kind of stopped writing the past several months.

So now back to ground zero. Other than the horror script I'm producing (which is in development), I have no project going on now. I mean, I've been pretty busy lately. But they're not film projects. A lot of entertainment related business stuff. Plus, too much Twitter and FB time. :)

Ironically, some script translation I've taken on to make some extra cash has ignited my passion for writing. Yes, I did translate two Korean scripts into English and while it was tough conveying the writers' intent, it got me excited again creatively.

Of course, I don't know how long this bug inside me will last but it's better than nothing. Currently I have two scripts to finish. One is called The Stupid Girl, a sort of romantic comedy set in Tokyo and New York. Somewhat inspired by The Apartment and based on some experiences I've had, it's going to show my color. My sensibility. The other one, currently without a title, is a thriller set in Mongolia. Now if I can somewhat finish the first draft of each one by Thanksgiving, I'd be very proud and thankful.

We shall see now.

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