I'm in Pucheon. It's a satellite city to Seoul. Nothing stands out about the city but this is also the host to one of the surprisingly pleasant film festivals in Asia.

PIFAN is a short for Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival and it's the 13th year this year. I came here just to watch films and discovered "Om Shanti Om" and its heroine Deepika Padukone (who's currently on my wallpaper). Although I plan to see her new film "Billu," I'm here this year for a different reason.

One of my good friends Shinkyu Park and another one, Jun-won Hah have a project at NAFF, a sidebar future project pitch market and I came here to support them. Since they're kind of newcomers (although Jun-won co-wrote The Host) and they have to pitch their project mostly in English, I'm giving them advice and some translation work, too. :)

Anyhow, it's going to be an interesting few days. Already tonight, we had a fun night. Ran into Roy Lee (The Departed), Gloria Fan, and other good friends in the industry. A bunch of us ventured out to some random beer place. The party grew into more than 25 people and we took over the place. Anyhow, it's great to catch up with some old friends from all over the world. That's probably the charm of the festival.

BTW, they're putting us at some love hotel. What's up about that? Like we need more love. :)


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