The nominations for the 79th annual Academy Awards were announced today. There were a few surprises as usual. For the entire list, go check out

Proudly I was able to predict all five nominees for the Best Picture but missed a few on actors and actresses categories.

LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA was considered a long shot but Eastwood is a beloved and respected figure in Hollywood even though his movie was entirely (or mostly) in Japanese. Kudos to Rinko Kikuchi, a Japanese actress we never heard of until BABEL came out. Her nomination will become an inspiration for many Asian actors and actresses.

One thing for sure is Hollywood is changing. Rather, the world has changed and Hollywood is finally catching up. I guess it's good.

Several years ago, even the industry people would ask me, "Do you guys have a film industry in Korea?" Now, everyone knows Korean cinema is hot and will casually mention a few names like Kim Ki-duk and Park Chan-wook. Definitely things have changed.


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