What a difference a good fan makes!

Today, I went to an HP customer center and had a fan replaced in my laptop. Lately, it had been acting weird, making a loud noise and even getting turned off when it's overheat.

Now, it's almost like a new computer. I'm happy. :)

I enjoy living in Korea except that we don't have a great selection of movies here. Last night, I went to a local video store and they didn't have a single Robert Altman movie. Only on an Internet DVD rental site (kind of a Korean netflix), do they have GOSFORD PARK, THE PLAYER and THE LONG GOODBYE but no NASHVILLE or MCCABE AND MRS. MILLER.

Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S., which means no business until next Monday. In an odd way, I'm taking a Thanksgiving break but without a turkey.


Vicky said…
Hello, I foundout about you on Rolf Pott's article on Slate. Rolf wrote about how your film project was inspired by him. So I got curious and Googled you! yep! Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide...:o) everyone can be found.

I'm writing to you for three reasons. One because I am a filmmaker (Art Department) Two; I have traveled extensively, lived an expat life for 8 years so have a bit of an insight into the idea behind your project
And, I am coming to Korea for a year (Either Seoul or Busan) in January.
You must be very busy getting movie going, but I hope you will have time to have a drink with me once I'm there. - Vicky vickynagy@hotmail.co.uk

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