Defending Kim Ki-duk... It is an open secret that the world-famous director Kim Ki-duk's movies have been ignored by the local audience. It didn't matter much because his movies were always a big success at the international festivals and his fans enjoy them everywhere in the world. Maybe he did care about the Korean reception of his movies after all.

During the runaway success of THE HOST, he made some remarks, which angered the Korean audience. Now he has come to apologize for his words and unbelievably his movies. Could you imagine Woody Allen apologizing for his movies because they're, uh, self-centered?

Truly sad. In a way, I am angry that he apologized. What about the people like me who liked his movies? What are we? Morons?

Filmmakers should makes movies not talk. It's a valuable lesson how not to shoot yourself in the foot.


Anonymous said…
LOL, you're not morons, he just apologized to the morons (too dumb to understand his movies). You're making me really interested in korean films, I must go to the local video club and rent some :D

oh and by the way, 24th August has passed but anyways:
45 but still yummy xD

check out the new layout (kind of birthday pressie xD

oh and I would like to know if I can have in my site any Expats news you post in this blog. Can I quote you? :P
Purrrleeeeeeeeeeeease :D

The snakes movie is still not on portuguese theatres :(
Hey a friend of mine (who's gonna be my roommate) is going to university to be a movie director :D LOL, I thought she was gonna be an actress but apparently not :P maybe one day you 2 will meet in a film festival :P

Well, best of luck for you in everything,

Minerva Ashford
(lol, me and passwords, I forgot mine for club vaio aswell, now I'm doomed)

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