Image of Korea... The other day, I visited Darcy Paquet's Korean film website and read something very interesting. He asked the readers what images from Korean films or TV dramas are part of their conception of contemporary Korea?

Then it struck me. I'm going to show Korea to the American audience (and Canadians, too) through my movie. Suddenly, I feel a sense of responsibility. I mean, what if I misrepresent the country? What would the Koreans expect from it? Would America care?

Seriously, I try not to think about these things. First of all, my job is to make an entertaining movie. And if I could transport the audience to the world in my characters live, I'd be so happy. Of course, it would be cool if some people decided to visit Korea after watching the movie. Like I went to Montreal after watching JESUS OF MONTREAL. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I'm curious to see what images of Korea people have. Is Korea obscure to most of America?

On a slow day like today, such thoughts pop up in my head.


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