Hope you all had a good turkey day. I had a lovely one. Spent it with my friend Dyaln's family. We went to see ELF afterwards. I love this movie.

I just read the Todd McCarthy review of ANGELS IN AMERICA. He called Jeffrey Wright's performance "exquisite beyond words." I'm so happy for him. I think he's truly one of the greatest actors of our generation. It was certainly my honor to have worked with him and it would be a great pleasure to work with him again.

My AOL home page went down finally. I guess that's a final farewell to AOL. Well, I'm still working on creating a new website. Gotta take care of it asap.

About EXPATS... My producer tells me we have 80% of financing in place. How cool is that? Now we need to raise the rest (about $1 million) and are already talking to several companies in Korea. Re: casting... We still haven't heard back from the actor. Pliny will call his agent today and tell him the offer is still out there but no longer exclusive. Which means, we can go after other actors. By the way, Sheila Jaffe, whom I worked with in TOO TIRED TO DIE, is coming on board and I'm so excited about it. She's a kick-ass casting director.


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