Golden Globe... Great news. Jeffrey Wright was nominated for the Golden Globe. In case you don't know who he is, he is one of the best actors of our generation. He was in BASQUIAT and SHAFT. And I can proudly say he was in my first movie TOO TIRED TO DIE. We've become friends since then and I wrote a part for him in EXPATS. He'd be playing Mark Williams, a former Major Leaguer who now plays for a team in Korea. Of course, he'd have to say 'yes' to it. He's reading it now. I hope he accepts it. I think it's a great role and it'll be awesome if he plays him. We'll see.

Last night I watched VOLCANO HIGH on MTV. I think it's the first time a Korean movie was aired on national TV (albeit cable). I was pretty excited to watch it. Even though it was dubbed and has a new soundtrack (also, it cut 20-30 minutes), it was still entertaining. I hope it opens doors for other Korean movies in the States.


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