Seoul may not be Paris or New York but it has its own small cinematheque, a place where you can watch old movies or alternative movies.

This summer, they're programming their annual Cine Vacance, a mini festival/retrospective. This year's program features films by Jacques Demi, Don Siegel and Otar Iosseliani. Me, personally Demi's movies are the ones the most looking forward to as they really formed my film world early on in New York.

LOLA made such an impact that I had many characters modeled after the characters of the film. I even made a reference to it in my first film. THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG is certainly a more popular film and it shows it. I remember seeing it on the big screen at MOMA years ago and Susan Sontag and Annie Leibovich were sitting next to me. Once the film began, it didn't matter who's who. We were all crying. That film has the power to even melt the hearts of the intellectuals.

Trust me. It's a treat. Go and enjoy the beautiful world of Jacques Demi.


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