Spring is here. No, it looks like we skipped spring and right into summer. Hey, I ain't complaining although it's now the season of mosquitoes.

Work-wise, pretty busy. The indie movie I'm supposed to direct this summer/fall... I'm just waiting until my producers will tell me we have the money now and it's a go. Until then, I'm keeping myself busy with several projects.

Twitter... I like this thing but not sure if I have anything urgent to say so frequently. I started following Jon Favreau who's now directing Iron Man 2. It's definitely interesting to hear him tweet while on the set. This is definitely a whole new world.


Chen said…
Hi Wonsuk,
This is Chen Harpaz from New York (Vertigo Power) just wanted to say hi (long time no see) I'm still here trying to master sound design and mixing. Last year I designed and mixed $9.99 a cool stop-motion animation feature, was a runner up for an Oscars and screened in Pusan Film Festival, I hope all is well and to see you soon when in New York. Take care and Best regards
Chen Harpaz
Wonsuk Chin said…

Good to hear from you. How are you? Sounds like you're doing great. A $9.99 animation feature? What's the name of it? :)

Yes, let's definitely catch up when I come visit NY soon. Hopefully I may do a film there this fall.


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