No more Whitney.

In the past 3 months, I tried bringing Whitney Houston to Korea for a concert. We set the date and venue. Then, my partner told me the investors were having second thoughts about it. In the end, the deal fell through and I guess we wouldn't be able to see her perform live in Seoul for a while.

I know shit happens but I'm kind of mad at him for asking me to negotiate with her agent on his behalf when his investors haven't even committed to it.

I guess I should stick with what I know best. Movies. But then, I learned a great deal about the concert promotion business and realize it can grow if you do it right.

When I mentioned this project to a friend of mine, he reminds the Weinstein Brothers started out as concert promoters. I guess, I'm going backwards then. :)


kelvinwong said…
Weinstein? Did you not have a previous comment on your blog about your lack of deference for him? Did you have a run-in with this guy or is there a backstory?
jstele said…
I hope they paid you.
Wonsuk Chin said…
I have mixed feelings about the Weinsteins. I admire their relentlessness and passion for movies but I'm not sure if I like their personalities. Then, I had limited encounters with them. Bob Weinstein seemed like a nice person to me. At least he was nice to me at the premiere of Mimic because I was a guest of Mira Sorvino's. :)
Wonsuk Chin said…
jstele, no, they didn't pay me. All the work I did for them without having been compensated. I'm bitter but I'm used to it. Ha!
jstele said…
You should complain. What kind of friend doesn't pay you for your work? He owes you.

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