An earnest yet powerful film entitled Crossing is about to open in Korea. I urge everyone here to go see it when it opens this weekend.

Is it a masterpiece? Hardly. But once in a blue moon, a flawed film can touch us and move us. Crossing is such film. The story is simple. A former soccer star who works in a coal mine in North Korea, has to cross the border to China to get medicine for his dying wife but gets stuck there, leaving his family behind. The wife dies and his son wanders throughout the country to walk all the way to Mongolia to meet his dad. It's just a heartbreaking tale of a family that can happen only in divided countries like ours.

I'm not a good reviewer of movies. All I can say is, go see it. Cry your heart out. Understand that this happens although it's not a documentary.

An old friend of mine Tae-gyun Kim directed the film. He's best known for Volcano High and you'd be puzzled how the guy who made a goofy martial arts flick could make this film. Interestingly enough, he didn't want to direct it at first. But his conscience made him do it. That's conviction, which is rare to find these days in modern filmmaking. I applaud him for his courage and his warm heart.

I believe the film will be screened with English subtitles in a few theaters if I'm not mistaken. Please seek it out.


kelvinwong said…
Read that this movie has been selected as Korea's candidate for the foreign-language Oscar competition (pending accusations of plagiarism).
Also read it has been picked up to play at Vancouver's film fest ( next month. Good, I'll check it out per your strong endorsement!

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