A month later...

The strike is still going on. No one seems to know how long it will last. The WGA resumed its talk with AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers) last week and the talk will start again tomorrow but it's uncertain where it will go.

Meanwhile, a small Irish film has become a sleeper hit in Korea and it's been a pleasant surprise. The movie is called ONCE and it allegedly cost about $100,000 to make. But in Korea alone, the film has gathered over 180,000 admissions, which roughly translates into $1.35 million. That's huge. Especially in a country where indie films barely get seen at all. Plus, the soundtrack sold over 25,000 units. So I had to check it out. To see what the fuss is all about. Then, I saw it again. What made the Korean audience go wild about this tiny film? Simply, the film had no pretension and it was just an honest film. Of course, it also features some very fine music pieces and that must've helped.

More than anything else, the film restored my faith in cinema again. Just make what you believe in and the audience will come. Like the field of dreams.

For those who've been following my pursuit of EXPATS, I have to admit I've been lackluster. I had my financing in place (pending the cast) and had actually gone out to cast (with several rejections). For several months, I didn't even do anything about it. Now I'm going to revisit and get back on track. I just know I gotta make this film. Of course, I'm working on several other projects but I have to make this one.


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