Now another festival is awaiting. At least it's in Seoul. I'm involved in a new film festival as an advisor. It's Chungmuro International Film Festival in Seoul. This year, the festival has many wonderful programs, mostly classics and restorations. But we were able to invite one of the most talented filmmakers in Hollywood and his new film. His name is Vadim Perelman and his film is "In Bloom" starring Uma Thurman and Evan Rachel Wood. It's a challenging film but the reward is great if you embrace life and death and all the things in between. Speaking of challenge, Vadim knows two or three things about it. His first film was "The House of Sand and Fog" so you get an idea of who he is.

Anyhow, it's Vadim's first visit to Korea. He loves Korean cinema. I'm sure he'll enjoy his time here. I also want him to meet some of the Korean filmmakers and actors. Should be an interesting time.

As for my work, I need to stay focused. I may seem all over the place. Contrary to what it may seem, I'm not neglecting it. With the actors' strike anticipated, I gotta think about how to proceed.


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