(Choi Min-sik, June Ha from Mojito Pictures and Vadim Perelman)

What a wonderful day! In life, there are days which are just perfect. I think today is one of those days. And I took a back seat today.

Last night Vadim arrived in Seoul. Although jet-lagged, we went out for drinks and has such a great time. After many bottles of soju, and he just fell in love with Korea. :)

And today "In Bloom" was screened. To tell the truth, I was a little nervous. It wasn't widely publicized. Vadim was relatively unknown in the country. And the screening was at 2PM on Monday. Plus, Ang Lee was in town, holding a press conference nearby. But it was a great screening. It was well-attended and it was an attentive audience. In fact, Vadim told the audience it was the best audience he's witnessed. True, they all paid attention and asked some wonderful and some tough questions.

Afterwards, the usual autograph signing. And interviews with the press. But the real pleasure and surprise was awaiting. The distributor of the film arranged a dinner and invited Choi Min-sik, the Korean actor of OLDBOY. He was Vadim's favorite actor in the world and tonight, he seemed like the No. 1 fan. Min-sik was genuinely touched but it wasn't just two fabulous filmmakers flattering each other. They talked about acting and directing, sharing anecdotes. We all discovered good directors and actors transcend the language barrier. They seemed to connect with each other. I was envious. I felt comatose these past few years. In Bloom. My creative juices seemed in bloom again.

Vadim is set to direct the remake of FAILAN which starred Choi Min-sik. He did promise him he'd only do it if he could find an actor who could come close to him. Otherwise, no point in making it. Min-sik gave him his blessing and said he couldn't wait for his interpretation of the story. Well, I can't wait, either.


kelvinwong said…
Indeed sounds like you had an incredible day. While you say you took a back seat, many would have loved to have been in your seat. Although you downplay it, sounds like you too had your part in making the evening special for all. That's why I like reading your blog---you're wided-eyed, yet accomplished, still humble, and optimistic. Hope to get to meet you one day---maybe at a future screening of Expats in Vancouver.
Wonsuk Chin said…
Thanks so much for your encouragement. That is one reason why I keep doing what I do. Yes, I hope to meet you in Vancouver at a future screening. :)

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