It seems so many people have birthdays in May. Here's my theory.

If you have a birthday in May, that means you were conceived in August. A hot summer month. People are also on vacation. What better time to conceive a child! :)

Well, it's a silly thought.

Anyhow, I thank my parents for bringing me out to this world. And tomorrow (actually today, which is my birthday) I'm going to treat myself to a nice haircut - shave it.


Just read your blog from start to finish and I'm very inspired. I've actually come to Korea with the hopes of one day directing movies all over Asia. Would love to chat with you while you're in Seoul. Email is chris.martin1 (at), or give me a ring at 010-6550-4511. Would be great to just chat with someone who has a passion for film.

Wonsuk Chin said…
Glad this blog inspires you. I'm kinda busy right now but maybe later this summer we could connect.
Monita said…
Well said.

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