24/7 on the road.

I'm traveling to the States this week. First LA and then to NY and back to LA. Altogether 2 weeks.

This is my first trip to the States since we incorporated the company. Also, I'm heading out there when a Korean-born gunman is still the headline news.

I don't know if they're joking or are serious but some friends tell me to be careful. They even say if people ask you where you're from, that you're from China or Japan. Unbelievable. There's a sense of shame and fear among the Koreans. Why?

I laugh off their remarks but part of me feels uneasy about the attention being paid to Cho's Korean background. Even after so many years in the U.S., I may still feel self-conscious about my heritage.

It will be certainly an interesting trip.


Kunal Bahl said…
Hi Wonsuk,
I saw E-Dreams recently (I am so surprised that it never cmae to my attention before now) and I absolutely loved it!

I looked you up on the web and saw that you are coming out soon with a new movie. Would love to learn more about your experience with making E-Dreams. Moreover, as a student turned professional immigrant to the US myself, I am very keen to learn more about Expats. Happy to help in facilitating screenings at universities/high expat density locales such as the one I am in right now.
Wonsuk Chin said…
Glad you liked e-dreams. That was quite an experience for me. It's been a while since I did a movie and now I'm itching. :)
Kunal Bahl said…

Is there an email address that I can reach you at? I would like to get your perspective on an interesting opportunity in India.

Kunal Bahl said…
Just realized that you may not want to publish your own email address, so you can reach me at kunalbahl [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks.

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