TOO TIRED TO DIE is now out on DVD in the States. It took what? 8 or 9 years to be available?

But what's odd is the movie was never officially sold to a video distributor. A company called New Films International is supposed to be the official distributor but who did they contact for the rights? 7 years ago, Phaedra Cinema apparently got the U.S. rights but they went bankrupt right after so the movie never made it to the theaters except in San Francisco. Phaedra also sold the film to a small video distributor which also went bankrupt. Maybe someone took the rights out of the bankruptcy court but the truth is Phaedra had a contract with a production company not the investors of the film who own the film. Confusing? Complicated?

Well, regardless I'm pleased the film can be now seen in the States but it's just unfortunate it's taken this long. Obviously I've moved on.


Anonymous said…
This company is shady, shady, I can tell ya. Doesn't matter to you how much the movie make now, does it?

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