Disappointing, very disappointing. This nameless actor (who shall remain nameless) passed. Apparently, he wants to do a big-budget studio film now. Well, c'est la vie. You move on, which we're doing now but nonetheless, it's still disappointing especially after his manager made us believe he would be very interested in the project. I guess, that's what we wanted to believe.

Now, the holiday season is upon us and we won't know anything about it until the first or second week of January. Which means, shooting in March is pretty much out of the question. April is more like it or we may have to push til May. June becomes difficult because of the weather (we hit the rainy season later that month).

But I'm still optimistic. I know we will find our actor.


Shoyi said…
Happy holidays and I wish you the best of luck finding your actor! :)
Wonsuk Chin said…

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