I've been lazy. No, I've been busy with my work as always. It's just that I've been lazy blogging. Sometimes I feel like I should have news for you every week. When it doesn't happen, I am at a loss what to write here. Would others care to visit here if nothing much happens? Making a movie is in a way a very tedious process. It takes time. I know it's getting there but it can be frustratingly too slow. I do have some good news though. Billy Hopkins, a great casting director read my script and wants to get involved. It's actually excellent news. He's one of the best in the industry. At this point, casting is everything. Without relatively a bankable name for Jeremy, this picture isn't going to get made. So I'm hoping his involvement will help the process.

Now we're in the month of May. If this movie happens this year, it's most likely for fall. If not, it's gotta be early next year. I dread the thought but I just want to be realistic and cautious.


Anonymous said…
XD sorry about that

Well.. I always thought in the director and producers point of view, a movie is quite tedious to make, unless they're filming it... apparently I was right :P

About the starting of EXPATS.... :(
ah well I can't wait for it...
time is going so fast these days :P

I hope everything is ok with you
Best wishes,

Joana (Minerva)

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