In 20 minutes, SuperShuttle will come pick me up. I dread a 7 AM flight. But what can I do, especially when I'm heading east?

Sundance and LA are quite productive. Now it's NY and Berlin. What should I expect? I'm especially looking forward to Berlin. Jeffrey Wright will be there as well to promote SYRIANA. I hope to get him excited about EXPATS so that he can say yes to the project. Will I be able to meet George Clooney and Matt Damon? Well, if so, am I ready to pitch my project to them? I must be daydreaming. See, this is what happens when you stay up all night. Anyhow, it continues to be a very interesting trip.


Anonymous said…
you crack me up xD

what do you mean? The actors aren't already casted? I thought they were... at least they are listed in IMDB.

I'm changing the Jared Harris website.
Making it better and stuff xD.
my fandom hasn't stopped after 1 year and a half... call me obsessed xD

and YAY! you're updating more!!!
and LUCKY! Matt Damon and George Clooney...
don't you wanna invite me to one of those parties? xD

hope you're ok.

Wonsuk Chin said…
Chris Klein, Jared Harris and others have read the script and expressed interest in the project. That doesn't mean we signed the contract. In the industry term, we call it "attached". As for Jeffrey Wright, he's a personal friend of mine and has been interested in the project without having read the script yet. Somehow he made it to IMDB because I mentioned his interest to my former producer who listed him in IMDB. So you can see, a lot of information on the site can be wrong and misleading. But I assure you, the project is for real and it's coming closer to reality.
Minnie Ashford said…
(weeeeeeeeee I found my password)

Hello! xD

Oh yeas I know IMDB can be decieving.
So how are you? Bet you're feeling awesome... you said you were thinking of starting Expats in March... getting closer to the date xD
I'm oh so eager to watch this movie... it sounds so cool... and as far as I've read... critics say you're a promissing big talent... :)

Have fun in your parties *jealous* xD



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