I'm in Budapest. What a breathtaking city! To stand on the bank of the Danube and look at the Buda Castle as well as the parliament is some sight to behold.

Wow! I'm on the road for a month for now. It's both exciting and exhausting! A lot of exciting things happened in Berlin.

First, I got to meet George Clooney. SYRIANA was shown at the film festival out of competition and he came to promote it with Jeffrey Wright who invited me to the premiere. Afterwards we all went to have a drink. My impression of him? He seems very down-to-earth. Also, a very funny guy. We talked about some bad movies of 70's and 80's.

I've also had very productive meetings about EXPATS. Several companies are now interested in the project and we will get it made this year for sure. A while ago, I aimed for a March start, which is very unlikely now. I'm looking at more or less early summer of early fall. Jeffrey Wright, whom I want for the movie, is now doing the new James Bond movie. He probably won't be available until summer then.

Next destination for me: New York and LA via Berlin.

Oh, I'm also adding another city to my travel. Tokyo. A friend of mine wants me to meet an investor there. That's an exciting news.


Anonymous said…
Hello there! How are you?

I gotta tell you again...

LUCKY YOU!!!!!!!!

Early Summer? awwwwwwwwwwwww.... :( me want now *pouts*

but anyways... it's awesome news to have inumerous companies interested!!! and an investor? Great!!!

keep me updated xD I'm so happy I found this blog :D


PS-> forgot my password again xD
Wonsuk Chin said…
I know the movie keeps getting pushed but that's the nature of the business. But it's getting more real and real now. It'll be all worth the wait, I'm sure. :)

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