Today they announced the Oscar nominations. Although there were few surprises, I was quite surprised and happy to hear Bennett Miller received a directing nomination. I remember calling him up cold and asked to pick his brain when I was about to direct E-DREAMS. He was generous enough to share his experience making THE CRUISE and it helped me tremendously. Of course, I gave him a special thanks in the movie. After that, I lost touch with him and voila, a few years later, he's an Oscar nominee. That's pretty cool. It's inspiring.

Speaking of Oscars, Korea lost again this with WELCOME TO DONGMAKGOL. Sometimes I wonder if they pick the right one. If I were in the selection committee, I would've picked MARATHON, a true story about a young man with autism who aspires to run a full marathon. Universal. Inspiring. Heartbreaking. I don't know, but I think it would've had a better chance. And Jo Seung-Woo's performance was Oscar-worthy.


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