KING KONG. KING KONG. I've been thinking about this sad but beautiful love story between an ape and a blonde since I saw it last Tuesday.

Then, I'm thinking about the unforgettable moment when I met Fay Wray, the original King Kong girl. It was 6 years ago in January, 2000 at Film Forum in New York. She was there for her late husband's retrospective. She was married to the great Robert Riskin, writer of MR. DEEDS GOES TO TOWN and IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT. I guess it ain't bad being a writer if you're Fay Wray's husband.

Anyhow, I walked up to her after the screening and even asked for her autograph (I hardly ask for one - come to think of it, the last time I asked for one before her was in Korea 20 years ago when I met Sylvia Kristel, the goddess from Emmanuelle.

Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, I gave the autograph as a birthday present to one of my best friends from childhood, who's now a prosecutor in Korea. When he brought it up a few nights ago and realized what a special thing it was, I smiled. It might be the only Fay Wray autograph to exist in Korea. That's gotta pretty special, right?


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