Happy Lunar New Year!!! Maybe the year of the monkey was just about preparation and the year of the rooster is really the one where I get to see the fruition. We'll see.

I heard John Cho (HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE - a very funny movie) liked the script and a meeting is being set up for us to meet. That'd be awesome! If he says yes, that means he's going to play Albert. Maybe someday I'll sell out and make all-white movies but until then... Represent!!! :)

Had lunch with Jared Harris yesterday. He's truly one of the greatest actors around. And totally under-utilized. It was good to talk to him about the script and his role. I can't wait for him to kick ass in EXPATS.

Yesterday was certainly a good New Year's Day. In addition to meeting with my actor, I happened to have a drink with Owen Wilson. There were many people with us so I didn't get to talk to him much but he's as funny as he's on screen. Him as Jeremy? That's a crazy idea. I didn't pitch him the movie but not a bad idea at all. But I'll give it a thought tonight first.

This weekend, I'm going to Las Vegas with a bunch of people. I'm a lousy gambler but crazy things happen in the world. Who knows? I may be able to finance my movie this weekend. Hahaha! I'm allowed to day dream, right? I always find Vegas a fascinating place. That place is hyper-real. Certainly I'll inhale a lot of oxygen this weekend.


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