Budget. Budget. It's giving me a massive headache. We've managed to finish a budget but I'm not sure if it's an accurate one. A friend of mine, who's a line producer in Korea, prepared a budget as if it was a Korean production and we implemented some U.S. rates. But since the systems are radically different, I don't know how we should shoot this movie. For instance, how many crew are going to bring over from the U.S.? The crew get a flat fee in Korea and they often work 24 hrs straight since overtime virtually doesn't exist in the Korean film world. Obviously we can't do that because we have SAG actors. And of course, physically it's impossible.

On top of everything, the weak dollar is a major problem. Suddenly, the budget goes up 15% just because of the exchange rate. I mean we could do the budget in Won (Korean currency) but it may not be practical, either.


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