Movies I saw in February 2017

Once again, I am sharing the list of the movies I saw in February 2017 with you guys.

Since I don't drink anymore, I definitely have more time to watch movies these days but as my project APE OF WRATH (something I've been working on for years) progresses, I will hopefully watch much less in the coming months.

BTW, I am so happy Filmstruck is around. A great platform where you can watch classics and arthouse movies.

2/1 Moonlight (Theater)
2/2 Where to Invade Next (Hulu)
2/3 Arrival (Theater)
2/4 Lion (Theater)
2/5 Park Row (Filmstruck)
2/6 Fabricated City (Theater)
2/8 The Ballad of Cable Hogue (Theater)
2/9 My Little Brother (Theater)
2/10 The Infiltrator (Amazon)
2/14 A Man Called Ove (iTunes)
2/15 Running Scared (1986) (HBO Now)
2/16 The Untouchables (Hulu)
2/18 Rock 'n' Roll High School (Filmstruck)
2/18 Being There (Blu-ray)
2/19 Christine (1983) (iTunes)
2/20 Crimson Peak (HBO Now)
2/21 A Single Rider (Theater)
2/22 The Lego Batman Movie (Theater)
2/23 Split (Theater)
2/23 California Split (Theater)
2/24 John Wick Chapter 2 (Theater)
2/25 I Don't Feel At Home in this World Anymore (Netflix)
2/25 Scarlet Street (Filmstruck)
2/26 Criminal (HBO Now)

2/28 Brief Encounter (Filmstruck)


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