Movies I saw in January 2017.

Inspired by Steven Soderbergh's list of movies and TV shows he watched in 2016, I decided to post my list of the movies I watched in the month of January this year. I normally make the list of the movies I watch in movie theaters (I've been keeping it since childhood) but since I watch many movies through Netflix, iTunes, Filmstruck, Amazon, and Blu-ray, I am going to include them from now on. TV shows aren't included.

1/1 Non-Stop (Netflix)
1/1 The Woman in the Window (Filmstruck)
1/2 The Meddler (iTunes)
1/3 Master (Theater)
1/3 Everybody Wants Some!! (iTunes)
1/5 Spa Night (iTunes)
1/6 Star Wars 3: The Revenge of the Sith (iTunes)
1/7 Midnight Special (HBO)
1/7 I, DANIEL BLAKE (Theater)
1/8 Bright Lights (HBO)
1/9 Now You See Me 2 (iTunes)
1/10 Confidential Assignment (Theater)
1/12 The Guns of Navarone (iTunes)
1/14 All the President’s Men (Blu-ray)
1/14 All the President’s Men Revisited (Blu-ray)
1/14 Hopscotch (Filmstruck)
1/15 La La Land (Theater)
1/15 99 Homes (Amazon)
1/16 The King (Theater)
1/17 Black Sunday (Filmstruck)
1/18 The Shallows (iTunes)
1/20 Barry (Netflix)
1/21 Another Way (Theater)
1/23 Mary of Scotland (Filmstruck)
1/24 Jackie (Theater)
1/25 Moana (Theater)
1/25 Crimson Kimono (Filmstruck)
1/27 Blue Jay (Netflix)
1/28 Nightcrawler (Netflix)
1/29 Nocturnal Animals (Theater)
1/30 Manchester By the Sea (Theater)
1/30 Unbreakable (HBO)

1/31 Alien (Blu-ray)


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