An iPhone film.


For a filmmaker, that's an event as foreign as some machinery trade show in Moscow. So the fact I am being invited to show my films and speak about the experience of shooting them with an iPhone is pretty is still surreal to me.

Right now, I'm preparing a short film that will premiere at MacWorld 2012. The event is less than 3 weeks away and I have yet to shoot it. This is crazy. I don't even have all the money to shoot it. Why am I going through all this hustle to make it happen?

Maybe it's the exhilarating nature of filmmaking I miss a lot. Or the idea of showing a new film in front of a live audience. But also the idea of experiencing the whole different industry excites me.

These days, Apple, Google, or Facebook is a more exciting name than Paramount or Universal. Though I'd probably never work in the tech world, the infinite possibility of what the new technology can offer us is something I care about and am deeply interested in. And my first experience with MacWorld, in my opinion, is a little bridge to that world. Plus, I'm always up for new adventure.

The short will be called 992. It's a comedy about a man whose search for the New Balance sneakers takes him some unexpected places. Some very good actors are interested in doing this film. A young but very talented cinematographer is also onboard, which I am very thrilled about (His name is Kim Hyunseok and he shot Lee Changdong's Poetry (An LA Film Critics Winner this year) and A Brand New Life). And some dear friends are helping me out to make this impossible task possible.

More than anything else, I'm very blessed that I will get the opportunity to tell a story. A story, I hope, a lot of people will enjoy. More than anything else, I am thrilled to be able to pay homage to a certain individual who's no longer with us but whose passion and philosophy have deeply affected us. That's something priceless.


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