Heading for LA this weekend. I may stay for a week. Maybe longer depending on the outcome of the first few meetings. Can't talk about the nature of the meetings yet but I'm excited about the prospect of the new business I'm creating w/ my partners.

Hopefully I can visit NY, too. If the Mets were doing great, I would be visiting Citifield. But that wouldn't be the case this time.

I have to be back in Korea for Pusan International Film Festival which starts on the 8th of October. If I could, I would like to stay in the States for a month. This is a good time to be in NY and LA.


Matthew said…
Congrats on your successful meetings. Hope the nature is to make some movies!! Have a safe trip to NY!
flavor grenade said…
hello wonsuk, i work for a film production company and was trying to find out more information on one of your projects. could you please email me - holaclarice@gmail.com thx!

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