Last night, the season 2 of the Gossip Girl got off to a good start (3.5 million) in the States. My interest in it? One of my best friends Matthew Settle is in the show so I'm rooting for it to do well. The show is getting a lot of interest in Korea, too, especially among the young girls. Matthew is tremendously talented and I can't wait to work with him someday.


kelvinwong said…
so what exciting stuff are you working on for the second half of the year, that you can share?

previously you mentioned N.Y. and Guam. why Guam? are you able to share the story? (b.t.w., Why Guam? sounds like a possible good movie title ... or is that where the expats are considering making their escape---to Guam?)

any new developments with expats?

kelvinwong said…
May I share a link with all those interested, about Chaw, the film you recently produced.

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