New York Mets. The new National League Eastern Division Champions!!!

All these years of sufferin and being disappointed finally paid off. Now I am going to enjoy the playoffs.

I wanted to have a celebratory drink but couldn't find someone to drink with at 11 in the morning.

Well, it can wait until I have something else to celebrate.


Anonymous said…
I'll drink something as a celebration next time I go out! :D
I have a lot to celebrate! You're looking at a college fresh(wo)man!

Minerva Ashford
Anonymous said…
actually you're just reading, not looking...

Minerva Ashford
Wonsuk Chin said…
Wow! I didn't know you were such a baby! :) Congrats!!! What college are you attending now? In Lisbon, right?
Anonymous said…
Nope, I'm still stuck in the sunny Algarve :P
I'm in Faro.
Yeah I'm not even 18 yet xD only next week
And thanks :D

Minerva Ashford

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