Cannes was amazing. Even though I didn't have a film, didn't get a chance to see many movies (actually saw only one), or wasn't even partying hard, I had a blast nonetheless. What was I doing there? I was hoping to be a cheerleader for EXPATS but since we haven't locked the cast, I couldn't do much. Still, it was an interesting place to be as an observer. Where else can you see a bunch of tuxedo-clad audience watching STAR WARS: EPISODE III?

Even more amazing was Morocco. Those 48 hours in the land were unforgettable. It was just way too short. It's like going to a fine restaurant and only taste an appetizer. I'm certainly going back there. I'm even thinking about writing a script set in Morocco. Well, one thing at a time. EXPATS first.

What's happening? The good news is that we're talking to Wesley Snipes' people about his doing the movie. That would be awesome. He has a special interest and love for Korea. I always thought he was a fine actor and it's about time he showed that to the world again.

Still, no news on who's going to play Jeremy. Apparently, we went to Jared Leto who eventually passed. It's always discouraging when someone turns down your movie. You wonder if it sucks. Well, I'd like to believe it's not the case. Spoke to my casting director who says it's challenging when you're an unknown and you're shooting in a foreign location. Not many actors will commit to such a venture, she says.

But I'm an perpetual optimist. I know we'll find our Jeremy and will make our movie we'll be proud of.


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