From Beverly Hills... I left New York. I left the place I called home for the past 15 years. It just didn't make sense to be there. It's very sad. But I needed this change of scenary. Right now I'm staying at my producer's in Beverly Hills. Sounds great, huh? I'm here until next week. Then, I'm off to Korea where I'll be making my next movie. But it doesn't mean we're in preproduction. No, I guess we are... it's just that we're not getting paid yet. We have yet to raise 20% of the budget (about $1 million). Then, we have a "go" picture. That's what I'm going to do; go to Korea and get 20%. All the phone calls and e-mails to the potential investors aren't as effective as meeting them in person. My producer will stay here, take care of casting and join me in Korea in a couple weeks. I'm making a big jump without much safety net. Sometimes, you should defy logic and go where your heart tells you to. And it tells me now that I should be in Korea. No matter what happens, I'm making this picture.


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