Lost in Translation... It's no secret that I didn't like the movie. But I haven't told many how I felt about it. Why? I was talking to the line producer of the movie about possibly getting involved in my project. Also, its success was helping mine. Today, there was an interesting article in the New York Times titled "Hollywood's Land of the Rising Cliche." It talked about THE LAST SAMURAI, KILL BILL and of course, LIT. I have mixed feelings about all of them but LIT, particularly annoyed me. Why? I found it not only tedious but also offensive. I wouldn't accuse Coppola of being racist but she certainly wasn't sensitive about it. I did not find it funny that the Japanese can't pronounce L's and R's. I did not find it funny that the Japanese middle-aged men are mostly shorter than Bill Murray. Are we still in the 80's? Just because she cast some young hip Japanese friends doesn't make the movie suddenly cool and hip. Vastly overrated... I could go on but I'm going to shut my mouth.

Happy Monkey Year to all! I'm excited that I'll be making my movie in the year of the monkey. Why? Coz I'm a monkey myself. That'll make me 36 later this year. Ouch! I'm getting old. Should be an exciting year anyhow.


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