Things are getting interesting. I'm still in Seoul. It seems to me that every time I come out here, I end up staying for a month or longer. I've been mostly busy catching up with my friends and family. It's nice to see my niece growing so fast. She's now 5. Okay, as for "Expats," I know it's going to be hard to get full financing from Korea since it's essentially an American production. Having strong interest in the States, my main goal was to spread the word about the movie. While I'm here, I also made a very important decision. I decided to shoot it next fall instead of next spring. I just realized It's just impossible to shoot that early. There's no way. Summer? Shooting in Pusan in summer is like shooting a film in Rio in February. There'll be too many people vacationing in the city and I'll have to think about the weather (monsoon and typhoon), too. Of course, there's no guarantee I'll be able to shoot in the fall but I know having a start date (at least in your mind) also helps. It's nice to have an aim. This also gives me some flexibility. But this gives me some financial difficulty. How am I going to survive until then? That's why I'll be working on this new big project that will lure a film lab to Pusan. Although it's the second largest city in Korea and one of the biggest ports in the world, everything's centralized in Korea. In other words, Seoul is the place to be. But Pusan (also known as Busan) is emerging as a film city thanks to the film festival. They've got the biggest film festival in Asia. They've got a film commission that's so filmmaker-friendly. What they need now is post production facilities. In order to grow as the Asian answer to Hollywood or Toronto, they need a world class film lab to begin with. That's where I come in. I'm helping them invite Technicolor or Deluxe. I don't know whether or not they'd be interested in the Asian market but it could be a fun project. We'll see.


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