My Favorite Movies of 2013

Okay, it's that time of the year when we all pick our favorite movies of the year. Here are my 10 favorite movies of the year.

(Some of these movies opened last year but I saw it this year. Also, some of them have yet to be released but I was lucky enough to have seen them in festivals.)

1. Nebraska
2. 12 Years a Slave
3. Gravity
4. The Act of Killing
5. Blue Is the Warmest Color
6. Inside Llewyn Davis 
7. Silver Linings Playbook
8. Enough Said
9. All Is Lost
10. Before Midnight

And here are 11 more wonderful movies which could easily make my top 10 depending on my mood.

1. Captain Phillips
2. The Square
3. The Hunt
4. Fruitvale Station
5. Like Father, Like Son
6. Francis Ha
7. The Past
8. Nobody's Daughter Haewon
9. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
10. Blue Jasmine
11. Zero Dark Thirty


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