Status on My Life. My Career.

If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on FB or any other social media, you get this overall picture of me:

That I am now a vegetarian (I eat fish so I am what they call a pescatarian). That I take Pilates classes. That I quit smoking. That I am teaching a film class at KNUA (Korean National University of the Arts). That I have a radio show and a weekly TV appearance. That I did a short film early this year and yet haven't done a feature in a long time.

This summer I almost made a feature. A certain film festival asked me to write a script in a month and to make the film before the end of summer. Believe it or not, I manage to write it in 6 weeks but I ran out of time. Plus, the script was far from satisfactory and the budget might be too high. 

I am sad to have passed up such an opportunity. I mean, how often do you get a chance to make a feature without having to worry about raising money regardless of the amount? Especially for someone like me who hasn't done a feature in years.

But at the same time, it gave me the confidence. Hey, I was able to finish a script in 6 weeks. If I put my mind into it, I can make it happen.

So now, I'm getting back on track. Since Expats fell through, I didn't really try to make a feature. It's been many years. Now I'm starting a new project that I'm passionate about and know I will be good at.

It's going to be a comedy. It's a mockumentary. What's it about? I can tell you this much. This is going to be a fun movie. Something I'll enjoy making. Something I believe you'll enjoy watching. I'll let you know what it's about when I finish it. I intend to finish the first script in 2 months. Wish me luck! 


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