Happy 2009!

I've sent out an email to some friends and colleagues that I will make a movie this year. What a statement! Am I confident? There's nothing wrong with aiming for something. It won't be Expats though. I need a break from the project. I do. But I've got some other exciting projects coming up and you'll be hearing about them from me for months to come.

Meanwhile, the annual top 10 list.

It's a meaningless exercise because some movies I watched this year (I mean, last year) opened the previous year in the States but it gives you an idea of what movies I watch and admire.

Here are the top 10 movies in the order I watched them:

1. The Savages - Tamara Jenkins
2. There Will Be Blood - Paul Thomas Anderson
3. No Country For Old Men - Coen Brothers
4. The Orphanage - J.A. Bayona
5. The Moonlight of Seoul - Jong-bin Yoon (AKA The Beastie Boys)
6. The Dark Knight - Chris Nolan
7. Wall E - Andrew Stanton
8. Let the Right One In - Tomas Alfredson
9. Happy Go Lucky - Mike Leigh
10. Waltz with Bashir -Ari Folman


kelvinwong said…
Any thoughts on a running (snapshot as of today) list of your Top 10 all-time Favourite movies?

Not necessarily the all-time Best or all-time Important or all-time Classic as perceived by "critic-types", but just your Top 10 all-time "Favourite" movies (as of today). Now this should make you pause and think, eh?

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