Happy Kwanzaa!

I never liked the year end holidays. But this year, I'm in a high spirit. Not in love. Poor as hell. Projected still in development but I'm grateful for everything in my life.

2009 will be a good year. No doubt about it.

Tonight, I go see the Epik High concert. Epik High is a Korean hip hop band that truly has an international appeal. Tablo, the lead singer and writer, actually worked for me on "e-dreams" as a post production assistant. Who would've thought the skinny boy woule become a rock star in Asia?

Life continues to amaze me.


Paul said…
Hey Wonsuk,

This is Paul, Parm's brother. How are doin. Congrats on the movie. Hope it all goes well. I am in NYC now maybe we can catch up when you get back to the State's.

By the way - and this is no reflection on you - how is that friggin friend of yours I met in LA. The one who came to my apartment in Hollywood. Tell him I think he is a little parasitic bitch who needs a HARD lesson in reality...I am willing to be his cruel guru in the 'facts of life' anytime he wishes.

Good luck,

Wonsuk Chin said…
Which friend are you talking about? What did he do to you?

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