Scribe Strike!!!

Either tomorrow or Monday, Hollywood screenwriters will go on strike unless there's a dramatic resolution.

For a filmmaker now based in Korea, this seems like a foreign affair but it may affect a lot of things we do here. Especially for an international project, if you want to hire a writer, most likely he/she is a member of WGA (Writers Guild of America).

Will it last? How about the DGA or SAG strike next summer?

Stay tuned.


kelvinwong said…
Curious, so how does it work?

If the DGA strikes next summer, and you were a member, would you necessarily put everything down and just stop working as a director? Do you then carry-on with other activities (producing, developing, and writing other projects)?

So since you are a member (or at least were a member---receiving residual cheques), then a DGA strike would indeed affect you directly (pardon the pun), yes? Are there those that opt out and do not join the union?

Are there wholly non-union films, and if so, does that mean every single person involved was non-union?
kelvinwong said…
You haven't written an entry update in a couple of weeks---are you not writing to show support for the writers' strike ;) (or have you just been too busy)?
Cori said…
I wonder if you remember me. We were pen friends in the 80s. I had a conversation with my husband the other day about 'Monkey Magic' and somehow your name came into my head. I thought of all those letters you wrote me with your ideas for films. I decided to google you. CONGRATULATIONS on following your dreams.
my email is
Wonsuk Chin said…
Corina Winkler... Oh my God! What a surprise! This is like the craziest thing to happen to me in a long while. Thank you so much for looking me up. I love it. I remember writing to you in the early 80's. I was then a dreamy teenager. We have so much to catch up. I'll write you again. :)
Wonsuk Chin said…

No, I'm not a DGA or WGA member but somehow I received my residual checks from the foreign levies. So I guess I support the unions. Haha.

Seriously, no one seems to know what's going to happen. Right now, no one is planning to go into production next summer knowing both DGA and SAG will go on strike. As for non-union projects, there could be non-union crew for indie films but if you want to hire any professional actors, they're most likely SAG. Therefore, everything will pretty much stop next summer if they go on strike. Think of this WGA strike as an appetizer. :)

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